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Examples best illustrate. Those grouped together are equivalent.

Terms and Logic
Reagan Thatcher
Reagan and Thatcher
Articles containing both Reagan and Thatcher
Reagan or ThatcherArticles containing either Reagan or Thatcher
Reagan -Thatcher
Reagan not Thatcher
Reagan and not Thatcher
Reagan and not Thatcher (minus sign means not)
ParenthesesUse parentheses to nest expressions
Reagan or Thatcher and Churchill
Reagan or (Thatcher and Churchill)
and normally takes precedence over or
(Reagan or Thatcher) and ChurchillUse parens.
Date FiltersFilter by date (day, month, or year).
Reagan from:1/1/2011
Reagan from:1/2011
Reagan from:2011
Reagan since:2011
Articles containing Reagan, dated on or after January 1, 2011
Reagan to:12/31/2011
Reagan to:12/2011
Reagan to:2011
... on or before December 31, 2011
Reagan between:(2/2011 1/2012)... between February 1, 2011, and January 31, 2012
Reagan before:2011... before January 1, 2011
Reagan after:2011... after December 31, 2011
Reagan since:recent... in the last four weeks (subject to change).
Article-Part FiltersLook in a specific place.
title:ReaganReagan in the article's title
body:ReaganReagan in the article's body
quote:ReaganReagan in quoted text.
nonquote:ReaganReagan outside quoted text.
href:ReaganReagan in a hyperlink's text.
ExactUse forms of the word, or not. (Stemming.)
Search only for presidential, not forms of the word like president
Taxonomy FiltersUse websites' category and tag taxonomies.
Reagan cat:economyArticles containing Reagan under its site's economy category
Reagan tag:defense... under its site's defense tag
Site FiltersFilter by site.
Reagan site:somesiteReagan only in articles from site somesite
Reagan site:(somesite othersite)Reagan only in articles from sites somesite or othersite
Reagan -site:othersiteReagan, but omitting othersite articles
Reagan -site:(somesite othersite)Reagan, but omitting somesite and othersite articles

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